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the joyful bunch | madison, wi family photographer

You know how some families seem to just shoot happiness and contentment out of their eyeballs when they are together? And your only real course of action is to give in to that huge grin and laugh along with them because it’s so very contagious? Yep. This foursome would be one of those.

They also happen to have become very close friends of our family in the past year or so. 12-year-old Anna is my Avery’s BFF and literallyjoinedatthehip dance sister, hanging out at the studio 4 or more days a week and spending at least part of nearly every weekend together. Couldn’t be happier that my girl has found herself a loyal, fun, sweet, supportive always-got-your-back friend…they are TOO CUTE together. And yes, I know they will hate that I said that, but I cannot help myself. πŸ˜‰

Thanks to our daughter’s growing friendship, Anna’s beautiful momma Sharon and I have created one of our very own…a real blessing in my life. The woman is NEVER without a dazzling smile (see proof below). She also happens to be wickedly funny, exceedingly kind and an incredible listener. Adore that girl more each time I am gifted with the pleasure of her company.

The menfolk typically remain on the outskirts of the crazy feminine cyclone of our time together (which I’m sure they’re oh-so-sad about) but are wonderful, amazing guys in their own right. Greg has the sharpest wit of nearly anyone I know and makes the best french toast in the. whole. WORLD! (So says Avery.) An incredible daddy and clearly a smitten husband, his view on life’s happenings is always entertaining. (He will laugh at this, but it is true.) And Sam! 14 years old and what a great kid. A truly talented swimmer and (I think even Anna would admit) a fabulous big brother. He made such a big impression on Simon in the handful of times they’ve seen each other that my boy asks at least once a week when “that big Sam” can come over for a playdate.

OK, enough of the lovefest already! On to some pretty pictures of this gang. You guys are awesome! Thanks so much for the FUN, FUN time.

β™₯ t.

Miss Anna, clearly a complete natural in front of the camera. Makes my job so much easier!

Don’t even remember what the joke was, but darned if I’m not giggling all over again looking at these.

These sib shots make me smile. Especially the second one, with Sam unaware of the little sister sassiness…that girl cracks me UP!

See? A loving big brother. And then…he simply can’t resist the fake drop. So cute.

Greg’s idea…their very own album cover. For their nonexistent musical group. In McFarland. But somehow, it worked!

Piggyback races! Sharon had a momma moment when she realized her baby boy was strong enough to participate in this (with his mother on his back!) and actually win. How does this happen to our little people? πŸ™

Such a beauty.

Love this shot of cool, casual Sam.

~SarahInSydney - Oh my goodness Tara so many FABULOUS images. no doubt this family is going to have to get ALL the images otherwise how would they choose. Lovely lovely work!

carrie ann - wow! what absolute beautiful craziness you’ve captured here- both in your writing and in your images. i only wish i could’ve been your “assistant” or fly in the air during this session to witness the silliness and humor of this adorable bunch. beautiful, as always, tara jo!

Ellen - LOVIN’ the album cover one! And it is amazing how you transformed this family into such beauties (per Greg’s comment – don’t actually know them). Can you make me look like Cindy Crawford? Pretty please?!?!!? Seriously, I love these pictures as they just ooze fun!

tara - and also…did you guys see the part where i said that greg has “the sharpest wit of nearly anyone i know”? yeah. i rest my case.

tara - p.s. to you, miss sharon…the only thing that bothered me about your hubby’s nutty comments is that they quite nearly caused me to pee my pants. what a hoot!

tara - every word of greg’s comment is completely, inarguably true. i implore you to book me immediately or forever regret missing out on the benefits of these magical, spectacular secret powers! πŸ˜‰

Sharon Mischio - Oh Tara!! You are too kind!!! We love, love, LOVE our photos!!! You are amazing in every way. I am honored to call you my friend!

Please forgive my crazy husband, with his nutty comments. πŸ™‚

Helene - WOW, tara!!! You did wonders with this bunch, in that case πŸ˜‰ Gorgeous family with a great spit and humor!! Beautiful!

Greg - This is the true benefit of hiring Tara as your photographer. Not only does she doctor your photos so you look like the beautiful family you see here, she also fabricates a wonderful biography.

Truth be told, we’re not nearly as beautiful or as pleasant as Tara makes us out to be. I, Greg, am horribly disfigured from a chainsaw juggling accident. Sharon, my wife, actually sports a goatee, although it is meticulously groomed. Anna, my daughter, smokes about a pack of Marlboros a day, and her lips and fingertips are birdpoop yellow. And my son Sam is really a cyclops.

We are also as dysfunctional as the next clan, cursing, screaming, spitting and eye-gouging at family meals and during church service.

We are blessed, however, that Tara has portrayed us the family that Sharon and I had hoped we’d conceive when we first married, nearly twenty miserable years ago. Thank you Tara, and let me shout this from the tallest mountaintop: You don’t need to be beautiful anymore. You just need TARA!

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