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autumn is pretty | madison, wi family photographer

And so is your family. Seriously. Have you checked yourselves out lately? GORGE.

Which is why you need an updated photo for your holiday card, your favorite wall, your Facebook profile and the like. You’ll feel so much better. Trust me (I’ve already scheduled my own family’s fall session, so can say this with authority).

For those of you who’ve already booked your fall session with me…YAY! I can’t wait to spend time in the outdoor loveliness with your amazing family. I’ll bring the cocoa.

For those of you who haven’t yet booked…never fear! I do still have a couple (and I do mean a couple) of spots left on my calendar before the drabness that is November pokes us in the eyeballs. Call or email to nab your time now. October is notoriously crazy for sessions, so dillydallying may not be your best friend right now. Just sayin’.

Happy fall, everybody! Now go burn a pumpkin caramel latte candle or something. I highly recommend it. πŸ™‚

β™₯ t.


the amazing grace | madison, wi newborn photographer

Hanging out with this sweet peanut and her oh-so-proud mommy and daddy was a fantastic way to spend a rainy afternoon. Miss Grace even made her very special and adorable pouty face for me (Mike & Amy’s favorite…could totally see why!). I was a bit partial to her fabulous Toddlers & Tiaras pose myself. You must see it to believe it.

What a beautiful, snuggly, happy little family.

Love, love, love my job. Oh yes, indeedy do.

β™₯ t.

For all you mommies-to-be out there who would like to book a newborn session, please remember to contact me several months before your due date so that I can leave a little wiggle room in my schedule. I am typically booked a couple of months ahead & it would be a crying shame for your family to miss out on such an incredibly significant & truly unforgettable photographic experience. And if you’d like to bookΒ BOTHΒ maternity & newborn sessions (as most of my clients do), I have some fancy shmancy special deals available. What a thrill to meet you, that bun in the oven of yours & then…can you believe it? Your brand-new sweet babe!

carrie - mmm, gotta love those sweet newbies- the last pic is my absolute fave πŸ™‚

ketchup | madison, wi family photographer

Well, hi!

Did you miss me?

Let’s begin this serious game of catch-up with the smooshy and twinkly-eyed Ava and her fully smitten (with their baby girl & each other) mommy and daddy! Ridiculous in their cuteness, I tell you. Don’t you love it?

β™₯ t.

p.s. Good to be back. πŸ™‚

Patrycja Baczkowska - Goodness, these photos are gorgeous! I like that last one too, lol!

Bonnie - How precious. They are all smitten and rightfully so! Glad you are back.

Ellen - So adorable!!! Love them all!!

contest winner and happy mother’s day! | madison, wi family photographer

Oodles of thanks to everyone who took the time to vote in my first annual Mother’s Day photo contest last week! I never imagined we’d have such a large and enthusiastic response…you guys are quite awesome, I must say. πŸ™‚

So without further ado, allow me to announce the winner of our friendly little competition with 36 of the 114 final official votes…

IMAGE #4 (aka, the gorgeous Brittany & her cute-as-a-button son Duncan)!!!

Big congratulations to you and your 11×14 portrait will be on its way very soon!

And now for the 2 lucky Starbucks gift card winners (voters randomly chosen out of a hat by my lovely daughter Avery)…

Laura Dille (#1) and Michele (#9)!

Kindly email me at so I know where to send your goodies.

Hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing Mother’s Day and thanks again for helping me celebrate these amazing mommas!

β™₯ t.

Laura Jirsa Dille - I’m a winner? I never win anything. This is so very exciting. Thank you Avery!! (and Tara)

fabulous momma’s day goodies! | madison, wi family photographer

IΒ β™₯β™₯β™₯ moms. So what better way to both celebrate and spread that love than to announce a couple of thrill-inspiring Mother’s Day promos? Hoo boy…you’re excited now, aren’t you? (Even if you’re not just pretend & kindly read on. Thanks a bunch.)

Happy Thing #1: Mother’s Day photo contest! Here’s the scoop. You may vote ONCE for your very favorite photo amongst these 16 gorgeous & loving mommas by first LIKING my Tara Kuhlow Photography Facebook page (if you’ve already done so, skip this step & merci beaucoup, by the way!). Next, leave a comment here on my blog indicating which image (by number please) gets your vote. The lovely creature who receives the most votes will receive a free 11×14 portrait of her choice AND another little surprise that will tickle her fancy. Mind out of the gutter, friends. In addition (I know! This just keeps getting better & better!), I will randomly select two of the folks who voted and those lucky people will receive a Starbucks giftcard just for joining in the fun. Awesome, yes? Now feast your eyes on the beauty that is motherhood (and their super cute babes, too)…the voting begins now and will end on Friday, May 11th @ midnight. Winners shall be announced on what else? Mother’s Day! And if you’re still desperately searching for that perfect & unique gift for the magnificent lady of the house, scroll down to Happy Thing #2!



Happy thing #2 (first announced on my Facebook page earlier this week, but can still squeeze in a few more takers…only one week to go, guys!):

β™₯ t.



Andrew - #4! Brittany and Baby Yo!!

Sara Schwenner - Voting for #12! Ryder just keeps getting cuter and cuter.

Derek Yogerst - My vote is for #4

katie - #4 for sure! πŸ™‚

Dee Hobbie - I’m voting for #4. Great composition.

Julie - My vote is for #4. Beautiful shot of Mother and son!

Laura Brudos - I vote for #3 πŸ™‚

Renee Abel-Collinge - My vote is for #10 – such a wonderful photo of beautiful mama and baby. All the mamas and babies (little and big) are beautiful! Great photos!

Nate - #4 πŸ™‚

michelle cusack - the awesome mommy and daughter number 3

Abby - #4 πŸ™‚

Heidi - Oops didn’t mean to post it twice..didn’t think the 1st one worked

Heidi - #4! Miss ya Britt!

Heidi - #4! Miss ya Britt! Hopefully u win!:-)

Jackie - #4

Kelsey Sheffield - #4!

Tyler Bastian - #4 Brittany, that is a great picture of you and Duncan πŸ™‚ Happy Mothers Day!

Rebecca Tunnicliff-Coady - They are all gorgeous moms and kids! But I have to vote for #3. 2 of my favorite ladies in a stunning shot.

Penny - #3

Will - 3

Lisa Wilcox - Awesome idea, Miss Tara. I vote for #4.

stephanie - I just gotta vote for number eight! 8 for the win!

Kellie - #8 – Amy and Grace look adorable!!!

Mary Braidigan - Beautiful mother and daughter #8!!

Julie Kopf - Julie Kopf-#8 is precious!

Julie Oren - #8

Susan Jennik - #8 – they’re both gorgeous!

Julie Schwehr - #6 for sure!

angie peterson - #10 Love love love it!

Raul Stilling - #6!

Alicia - # 14

Kristi - #10, for sure!!

Stephanie - #4 all the way!!

Terianne - #4

Amy Asher - #12 for a perfect shot of his beautiful eyes and Mona Lisa grin πŸ™‚

Heather - I vote for #12.

Tori - NUMBER 4!!!

Cathy Sennett - #10 is the most intimate photo I’ve ever seen! Awesome.

James Bales - #10 All the way!

Liz - #10 takes my breathe away! My vote goes there.

Jodi - #13

Vicki Bedell - These are all simply beautiful. However, my vote is #15.

Anne - Is it wrong that I also want to vote for #15? I mean, isn’t that the BEST place to sleep, in your Momma’s arms? That little boy is so very comfy and that photo captures that memory so beautifully. I think I can hear the little snores. I can vote twice, right? πŸ™‚

Tracy Drunasky - All my voting power – #12 πŸ™‚

Julia - #4! What an amazing picture! They’re all great, but LOVE Brittany & Duncan!

Lauren - I vote for number three – somehow they remind me of my mom and me!

Megan Begs - #10 is so very sweet

Amy Meyer - #4 is my vote…we love Brittany and Duncan !

Eric - Number 4!!

Abbey - #4!!

Nate - #4

Allison Meyer - I vote for #4! Yay Brittany and Duncan!

Jeff Meyer - I vote for #4. They are awesome!!

Gail Ansheles - #10

Stacy - #10 love πŸ™‚

Katy - #4!!!

Cara smith - #10 Love it!

Sara - No doubt #4. You can see the amazing love! Gorgeous picture!

Jaramie brown - #10

Alesia - Alesia – #4 for sure!!!

Jill - I give my vote to #9…super sweet and Lil is such a “mini me” of her beautiful momma!

Carrie Howes - #10!!

Shirin - Def #9 :)!! Ps They’re all beautiful btw

greg j - the best photo is #8

Leigh - Number 14!

Laura Bjork - #10! So sweet.

Leon - I vote for #9, I love them

Sarah Wisner - I’d like to vote for #4, Brittany and Duncan. Beautiful shot!

Ronica Skarphol Brownson - #10 is stunning! That’s my vote!

Mary Jo Hermes - #10 cutest baby and hottest mamma ever!!!

Leanne - #8

Lisa Bales - My vote will always be #10 love you Peyton – The Bales

Thomas Bales - #10 gets my vote!

kate - i am going to shamelessly vote for myself:) thanks, tara. you rock.

Briana - #4 too cute!!

Judy Stich - Picture #13! Terrific – love those smiles.

Mandy Wagner - All are beautiful, but have to go w/ #4!!!!!

Alex Milovic - Alex M. – Photo # 8 please (Amy and Grace)!

Nikki - #4 all the way!!! Brittany is a beautiful mom inside and out along with my precious little nephew baby Duncan….I absolutely LOVE this pic πŸ™‚

Patricia - #3 πŸ™‚

Karen - #8! SO beautiful!!

Nat - Number 3 πŸ™‚

Jarod - #10

Jessica - I vote for # 3!!!!!!! Yay Jen and Lulu!!!!

Becca - I’m voting for #8 because Amy and Grace are in it!

Lola - #10!!

Brian - #8 is a winner!

Kate - #8 is so gentle and intimate. Beautiful!

Ellen - I just gotta vote for NUMBER NINE!!!

tracy - Number 4!!!

Meghan - #8 looks sooo sweet πŸ™‚

liz - lucky number 13!

Rachel St. Peter - #4

Lisa Stilling Chavez - I vote for #6! =)

Ellen - #13……a beautiful momma

Julie - #4

Laura - #1

Michele - #9 is a beauty!

Kathy - #6

Brittany - A vote for #4 to break the tie!

Matthew Gonnering - #6

patty - NUMBER4!!!

John Paul Shimek - I vote for #6. It is an AWESOME and beautiful picture!

Dan - #4!

Lucy Stich - Love #6 beautiful mommy Sarah with her just as beautiful daughter Audrey!!

SARAH - #6 πŸ™‚

Anne - What a fun idea Tara! These are all so lovely. While I am partial to #9, I have to vote for #7. Yep, #7. I sort of want to join in that snuggle.

Marti - I love all of these momma’s, but for some reason #4 captured my eye. I love the swinging hair! And how I miss the little ones – before they get sassy πŸ™‚

Sara Philibeck - Happy Mothers Day everyone! Capturing a mother’s love makes for amazing photos I must say!!!! Voting for #12, the miraculous Ryder and his loving Momma Jill!!!! <3

Andrea Coletta - #12-Their love and adoration for one another is vibrantly captured with their smiles. A true artistic expression of the bond between a mother and her child; therefore, a beautiful reflection of why we celebrate mothers.

Beth Niblack-Sykes - Great idea! #12 please!

Jen - #7!! What a great way to celebrate Moms. Love it!

Randy Phillips - #12 for sure. That’s my Jill and Ryder.

Jill Schwenner - These are all beautiful, but I gotta go with #12. Me & my amazing little Ryder! πŸ˜‰

Heather Davis - #7

carrie - these are ALL wonderful, tara- but i vote for #3!! love those two sillyheads πŸ™‚

Ashley - They are all so GORGEOUS, which makes it terribly hard to choose but I LOVEEEEEEE #7!!!! πŸ™‚ What a fun idea Tara!

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