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where it all began | madison, wi family photographer

Gorgeous Amanda is one of the many folks I’ve photographed over the last months who will soon be featured in a fantastic, exciting display of dazzling smiles at Door Creek Dental. This has been such a fun, rewarding collaboration and I cannot wait to see the final result! By the way, do you have teeth? Yes? Then get your booty over to Door Creek Dental, silly! LOVE that gang.

So, anyhoo…back to Amanda. We figured since we were meeting up for her headshot, the more the merrier! The weather cooperated quite nicely and a family mini session ensued. We decided to meet on campus (near Observatory Drive) and as we were roaming, the lovely couple mentioned that we were approaching the very spot where their engagement photos had been taken. Of course we had to grab a few shots of the lovebirds at this meaningful locale. To let that opportunity slip away would have been akin to murder. OK, maybe that’s pushing it. But it would have been a crying shame, I am sure you will agree. The sweet kiddos (including my Eliza, who came along as my assistant) ignored us and chased each other gleefully as Amanda & Chad snuggled. Have I mentioned that I love love?Β β™₯

Thanks for the happy day, you guys! I smiled the whole way home.

β™₯ t.

Reese & Cole.

We did this a few (OK… 17) times.


sixteen legs | madison, wi children’s photographer

What’s making me smile this rainy, chilly Monday morning…

Cozy up, everyone!

β™₯ t.

Ellen - This is a fun shot!! Makes me happy too!

carrie anciaux - Oh, i’m smiling, i’m snickering, i’m actually tearing up! the colors, the patterns, the sweet turn of sy and coco’s tennies- and our pooch- sweet Rollie- doing just what he oughta. πŸ™‚ fabulous shot in so many ways!!

bespectacled | madison, wi children’s photographer

Miss Ellie Grace got glasses for the first time a few weeks ago & I requested a couple quick, natural shots. No big whoop.

Yep, should definitely have known better.

Slight hambone, that one.

[Fully realize I may be a tad biased, but is she not the CUTEST EVER???]

β™₯ t.

Laura - Purple is my favorite color, too. Great choice for her! Too cute!

Ellen - Her glasses match her shirt. I would expect nothing less. πŸ™‚

Bill Anciaux - Adorable.

Bonnie Schimmel - What lovely color purple and she looks so good in them! Priceless.

carrie anciaux - oh YES, she is!!! love that girl, i do πŸ™‚

little honey | madison, wi newborn photographer

Miss Hannah had already been in the world a whopping 9 days old when I met her this summer, but was still the snuggliest little peanut in town. She was enjoying life best when her beautiful mommy Meghan held her (who can blame the kid?) so that is what we did. Cuddles, kisses and sweet slumber. Mmmmm.

Hannah’s big brother & sister had other ideas, however. Check out those silly, energetic new playmates of mine below. Much fun (and sweating) was had by all!

β™₯ t.

Haley, age 4. Lover of Β horses, books, singing and delighting those around her in general.

Chase, age 3. Lover of dinosaurs, Bob the Builder, smiling and inspiring exhaustion in others merely watching him do his little boy thing.

And then there were 5. Luke & Meghan sure make adorable kiddos!

These shots of the girls make me melt. Holding hands? Really? You’re killin’ me here! πŸ˜‰

Behold the swirl.

amanda - How cute!

Melissa Carlson - Great pictures, Meghan. It helps that the subject matter is adorable. πŸ™‚

John - Very nice!

Linda - Grandma loves these photos!

Rolando - Wow, I wish my wife and kids looked that good.

Rick - Wow – these pics are awesome! This family looks like one that often models for the photos that come in picture frames when you get them at the store. The photographer did a wonderful job Photoshopping the look of exhaustion off Luke’s and Meghan’s faces. Ha ha – j/k!

Kailey - Adorable photos! I like how happy the kids look while jumping on their bed πŸ™‚

Luke - We are really happy with these photos. The personalities of Haley, Hannah and Chase were really captured in the photos. Thank you!

Meghan - I never tire of looking at these pictures. Just melts my heart everytime. Thank you!

Michael - Cute family!

Jeanne - Precious photos of a precious baby. You did a great job of capturing the special moments.

Trish DeFever - Incredible pictures!!!! How could they not be with such adorable children =)

Lisa - An adorable family! These photos will be cherished for a long time. I love the top two of mom and baby, the family on the bed, the photo of Haley covering her mouth and giggling and Chase with his tongue out. So perfect.

Kevin McNUlty - Kevin – Love the one where Hannah looks like – “What the heck is going on here.”

Jake - Good lookin kids.

phil ouellette - tara, i love these pictures. where were you when i had kids this age? phil

chris reinders - these photos are beautiful. you’ve captured the true bond between mom and baby. and the use of black and white gives it that innocent feeling that’s so appropriate. kudos!

Casey - Great photos! Love the shots on the bed with the kids being so authentic! Also love the B&W approach. So adorable!

carrie anciaux - i love these!! i can almost feel how busy this fam is gonna be πŸ™‚

amanda - beautiful pictures – you captured soo many great memories!

Elsa - What an amazing photo shoot! The pictures capture the energy of the older kids perfectly!!

Laura - Nice layout Tara. I am sure this family was super excited with all of the wonderful shots!

tara - hey ellen! so love her expression in that one, too. i know it’s one of the family’s favorites, so we are not alone. πŸ™‚ glad you enjoyed the photos!

Ellen - Me again. I just have to add that I cannot stop looking at the one of her squinting at the camera. I think that is the best newborn picture I have ever seen! Great work Tara (and Hannah)!

Ellen - Oh that baby!!!! Her face is absolute perfection!! I LOVE the first two sooo much. And the B&W of her squinting at the camera! I can hardly even stand how adorable these pictures are! You are right…they do make beautiful children!

what’s up, buttercup? | madison, wi children’s photographer

What’s new with me, you ask? Well, aren’t you sweet.

1. Back to school for my kiddies. First grade, fifth grade, seventh grade. I figure if I say it enough, it might start to feel real that I have babies this old? Might work. Check out 2 of the troublemakers in the photo below. Don’t let them fool you with their adorable little embrace. They were bickering like an old married couple immediately before & after this shot was taken. Which brings me to another thing keeping me busy these days…

2. Reading the book Siblings Without Rivalry. Which has been sitting on my bookshelf since college, when I was required to purchase it for one of my elementary education classes. Which had about 7.5 inches of dust on it until two weeks ago. Which is now perhaps the only hope I have left of getting my children to more consistently treat each other with the graciousness & respect that is glimpsed all-too-fleetingly as of late. Will update more once I finish, but let me just say that so far IT IS BRILLIANT. It assures me that my children are in fact, normal. Could this be? I totally should have read it years ago. Please tell me I’m not alone! I welcome any and all support. Horrible stories about your own children are strongly encouraged in the interest of boosting my spirits.

3. Pinterest. Because I clearly need another internet-related distraction. Apparently Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Flickr are not nearly enough. πŸ˜‰

4. Emailing, shooting, editing, ordering, mailing. Newborns, babies, children, families, head shots. Which would sound completely exhausting were these things not mixed with a healthy dose of #5.

5. Neighborhood kickball games (see photo below), cookouts, reading, campfires, birthdays, family movies on the deck, lounging, brandy slushes,Β Dance Moms. And I get to do them all with loved ones who fill my heart with joy & gratitude. Lucky lady, there is no doubt.

OK, then…you’re all caught up! Now I want to hear what’s new with all you darling folks?

β™₯ t.

carrie anciaux - did that little man give his apple to his teacher? love that tradition in our house, too! btw, will there be kickball at the block party? put on your steel-toed boots t!

Anina - Fantastic to hear the updates of your family–sounds like you have had one fun summer. I would say it would be abnormal if there were no fights/urguments/debates within siblings (well, families)– and does it ever end??!! The important thing is the love shared is unconditional which your family has that is why the Kuhlows are able to love and care for others without judgement. Love the photos and your neighbourhood is fun!!

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